Tax structuring

Tax structuring

Tax consultant StB Burkhardt Hopf
Tax consultant StB Burkhardt Hopf

By tax structuring HoTax Steuerberatungsgesellschaft understands a forward-looking tax advice to minimize the tax burden. Naturally always within the scope of the permissible laws and principles laid down by tax law.

We would be happy to discuss all the aspects of your individual tax design with you personally in detail. Tax consultant Burkhardt Hopf and the entire HoTax team are always happily available to you. Contact us to arrange an appointment.


HoTax services tax structuring

  •  Comparisons of legal forms
  •  Individual tax planning and structuring
  •  Advisory opinions on fiscal matters
  •  Conception of possible tax avoidance strategies
  •  Anticipated succession
  •  Company succession
  •  Tax optimisation when transferring business assets
  •  Company purchases and sales
  •  Company valuation